All participants must follow the pimutils Code of Conduct.

Please do provide feedback if khal works for you or even more importantly, if it doesn’t. Feature requests and other ideas on how to improve khal are also welcome (see below).

In case you are not satisfied with khal, there are at least two other projects with similar aims you might want to check out: calendar-cli (no offline storage and a bit different scope) and gcalcli (only works with google’s calendar).

Submitting a Bug

If you found a bug or any part of khal isn’t working as you expected, please check if that bug is also present in the latest version from github (see Installation) and is not already reported (you still might want to comment on an already open issue).

If it isn’t, please open a new bug. In case you submit a new bug report, please include:

  • how you ran khal (please run in verbose mode with -v DEBUG)

  • what you expected khal to do

  • what it did instead

  • everything khal printed to the screen (you may redact private details)

  • in case khal complains about a specific .ics file, please include that as well (or create a .ics which leads to the same error without any private information)

  • the version of khal and python you are using, which operating system you are using and how you installed khal

Suggesting Features

If you believe khal is lacking a useful feature or some part of khal is not working the way you think it should, please first check if there isn’t already a relevant issue for it and otherwise open a new one.


  • You might get quick answers on the #pimutils IRC channel on Libera.Chat, if nobody is answering you, please hang around for a bit. You can also use this channel for general discussions about khal and related tools.

  • Open a github issue

  • If the above mentioned methods do not work, you can always contact the main developer.