All notable changes to this project should be documented here. For more detailed information have a look at the git log.


released on 2014-09-08

  • FIX: events deleted in the vdir are not shown anymore in khal. You might want to delete your local database file, if you have deleted any events on the server.
  • FIX: in some cases non-ascii characters were printed even if unicode_symbols is set to False in the config
  • FIX: events with different start and end timezones are now properly exported (the end timezone was disregarded when building an icalendar, but since timezones cannot be edited anyway, this shouldn’t have caused any problems)
  • FIX: calendars marked as read-only in the configuration file should now really be read-only


released on 2014-09-03

  • new unified documentation
    • html documentation (website) and man pages are all generated from the same sources via sphinx (type make html or make man in doc/, the result will be build in build/html or build/man respectively
    • the new documentation lives in doc/
    • the package sphinxcontrib-newsfeed is needed for generating the html version (for generating an RSS feed)
    • the man pages live doc/build/man/, they can be build by running make man in doc/sphinx/
  • new dependencies: configobj, tzlocal>=1.0

  • IMPORTANT: the configuration file’s syntax changed (again), have a look at the new documentation for details

  • local_timezone and default_timezone will now be set to the timezone the computer is set to (if they are not set in the configuration file)