Below is a list of new releases and other khal related news. This is also available as an rss feed rss.

khal v0.3.1 released

Published on 2014-09-08

A new release of khal is here: khal v0.3.1 (also available on pypi).

This is a bugfix release, bringing no new features. The last release suffered from a major bug, where events deleted on the server (and in the vdir) were not deleted in khal’s caching database and therefore still displayed in khal. Therefore, after updating please delete your local database.

For more information on other fixed bugs, see Changelog.

khal v0.3 released

Published on 2014-09-03

A new release of khal is here: khal v0.3.0 (also available on pypi).

If you want to update your installation from pypi, you can run sudo pip install –upgrade khal.


  • new unified documentation
    • html documentation (website) and man pages are all generated from the same sources via sphinx (type make html or make man in doc/, the result will be build in build/html or build/man respectively (also available on Read the Docs)
    • the new documentation lives in doc/
    • the package sphinxcontrib-newsfeed is needed for generating the html version (for generating an RSS feed)
    • the man pages live doc/build/man/, they can be build by running make man in doc/sphinx/
  • new dependencies: configobj, tzlocal>=1.0

  • IMPORTANT: the configuration file’s syntax changed (again), have a look at the new documentation for details

  • local_timezone and default_timezone will now be set to the timezone the computer is set to (if they are not set in the configuration file)

khal v0.2 released

Published on 2014-06-27

A new release of khal is here: khal v0.2.0 (also available on pypi).

If you want to update your installation from pypi, you can run sudo pip install –upgrade khal.

From now on khal relies on vdirsyncer for CalDAV sync. While this makes khal a bit more complicated to setup, vdirsyncer is much better tested than khal and also the bus factor increased (at least for parts of the project).

You might want to head over to the tutorial on how to setup vdirsyncer. Afterwards you will need to re-setup your khal configuration (copy the new example config file), also you will need to delete your old (local) database, so please make sure you did sync everything.

Also khal‘s command line syntax changed qutie a bit, so you might want to head over the documentation.

khal v0.1.1 released

Published on 2014-05-07

A small bugfix release: khal v0.1.0 Example config file now in source dist.

khal v0.1 released

Published on 2014-04-03

The first release of khal is here: khal v0.1.0 (and also available on pypi now).

The next release, hopefully coming rather sooner than later, will get rid of its own CalDAV implementation, but instead use vdirsyncer; you can already try it out via checking out the branch vdir at github.

pycarddav and khal at 30c3

Published on 2013-12-13

If you will be 30C3 and would like to discuss the faults and merits of khal or pycarddav, commandline calendaring/addressbooking in general, your ideas or just have a beer or mate, I’d love to meet up. You can find my contact details under Feedback.

Call for Testing

Published on 2013-11-19

While there isn’t a release yet, khal is, at least partly, in a usable shape by now. Please report any errors you stumble upon and improvement suggestions you have either via email or github (if you don’t have any privacy concerns etc. I’d prefer you use github since it is public, but I’ll soon set up a mailing list). TODO.rst gives you an idea about the plans I currently have for khal‘s near future.