Feedback and Contributing

The preferred way of interaction with khal‘s developers is via github. But if you do not feel comfortable using github, please don’t hesitate to contact the original developer via email (khal at lostpackets dot de) or via jabber/XMPP (geier at jabber dot ccc dot de).


Please do provide feedback if khal works for you or even more importantly if it doesn’t. Feature requests and other ideas on how to improve khal are also welcome.

In case you are not satisfied with khal, there are at least two other projects with similar aim you might want to check out: calendar-cli (no offline storage and a bit different scope) and gcalcli (only works with google’s calendar).

Submitting a Bug

If you found a bug or any part of khal isn’t working as you expected, please check if that bug is either already reported at

If it isn’t, always run the command again with the -v option and paste the output of that (of course you can edit out any private details).


If you want to hack on khal and have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly provide you with any information you need.

Before submitting your first patch, please add yourself to AUTHORS.txt.

You can submit patches either via github pull requests (the preferred method) or via email (khal at lostpackets dot de).