khal v0.10.0 released

Published on 2019-03-25 00:00:00

This is not only the first bugfix release in more than a year, but also the first release containing new features in nearly two years.

v0.10.0 contains some breaking changes from earlier versions of khal, most notably the removal of the default command [1]. For users who want the old functionality back, a shell function seems to be the best option. Please use the wiki to share your solutions. Have a look at the Changelog for more changes and fixes.

With this release I want to bring the aforementioned changes to more people, find (and fix) as many more bugs as possible and then release a version 1.0.

For convenience issues, khal will only be available on pypi in the future, with minor versions (v0.10.x) not getting announced here any more. Users and packagers who want to stay on a current version of khal are therefore advised to watch pypi for new versions.


Contributors and maintainers wanted

As I find myself having less and less time to devout to khal, I’m looking for more developers and maintainers. Even if you are not a python developer, your help with helping new users and triaging and prioritizing bugs is very much appreciated.

If you don’t know how to contact the current team, open an issue on github.

vdirsyncer, which many khal users are probably dependend on, is also looking for new maintainers.


The implementation of the default command proved to be a source of constant headache for users and developers alike. This was due to the library chosen for handling argument parsing.

Feel free to share other suggestions in the wiki.