khal v0.3 released

Published on 2014-09-03 00:00:00

A new release of khal is here: khal v0.3.0 (also available on pypi).

If you want to update your installation from pypi, you can run sudo pip install –upgrade khal.


  • new unified documentation
    • html documentation (website) and man pages are all generated from the same sources via sphinx (type make html or make man in doc/, the result will be build in build/html or build/man respectively (also available on Read the Docs)
    • the new documentation lives in doc/
    • the package sphinxcontrib-newsfeed is needed for generating the html version (for generating an RSS feed)
    • the man pages live doc/build/man/, they can be build by running make man in doc/sphinx/
  • new dependencies: configobj, tzlocal>=1.0
  • IMPORTANT: the configuration file’s syntax changed (again), have a look at the new documentation for details
  • local_timezone and default_timezone will now be set to the timezone the computer is set to (if they are not set in the configuration file)